Transit solutions for Electric and Autonomous vehicles

Dispatching, routing, charging, and maintaining EVs and AVs have special requirements that transit software must accommodate for.

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For Riders

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For Drivers

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For Vehicles

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For Operations

EVs and AVs have different dispatch and maintenance needs.

As you integrate Electric and Autonomous Vehicles in your fleet, enable your staff to accommodate the specific needs of these assets. The AI algorithms consider recharge requirements as part of dispatch operations and determine routes more favorable for EVs.

  • Workers are safer with specialized EV maintenance requirements embedded in the software.
  • Ensure battery storage temperatures are met.
  • Integrate telematics data in all your tracking, dispatching, and operations systems.
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For Technicians

Maximize efficiency and extend lifespan for alternative vehicles.

Capture kilowatt usage, including utility rates, for chargeback billing.
Integrate sensors in preventative maintenance systems to reduced  maintenance, lower costs, and increased availability. Track charging cycles to maximize battery life. Get comprehensive energy usage metrics.

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