Transit for the Healthcare Industry

Every patient's experience starts and ends with their ride.

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Revolutionizing patient care with every ride.

Reduce patient no-show rates

Ensuring patients get to appointments is crucial. Yet, for many, transportation can disrupt treatment plans. By offering dignified transport options, you help patients stay on their health schedule and remain loyal to your services, and improve revenues.

Optimize vehicle utilization and on-time rates

Improve your rides per hour, optimize your driver schedules, and always arrive on time. You can feel good about your carbon footprint.

Improve the patient experience

With a user-friendly mobile app and reminders the night before and day of, patients are ready when you are ready. They will love not sitting in the waiting room for hours prior to and after their appointments.

Boost patient flow efficiency

Receive patient arrival alerts for smoother scheduling and capacity optimization. After appointments, timely transportation awaits, helping ease room occupancy.

Our solutions

Shaping the future of mobility

Our expansive portfolio of solutions seamlessly converges to form the blueprint for tomorrow's global mobility landscape.

Health Plans

Craft transportation benefits specific to your member’s needs and empower members with self-service booking options.

  • Automate ride rules and manage co-pays efficiently.
  • Automate the coordination with transportation providers.
  • Efficiently determine eligibility and claim submission
  • Gain immediate access to insightful analytics.

Health Systems

Our aim is to liberate your medical team from juggling transport logistics and enable them to concentrate on their core mission – patient care.

  • Improve no-show rates with automated transportation bookings.
  • Enable patient reminders and trip monitoring notifications.
  • Manage patient benefits and funding sources.
  • Automate the coordination with transportation providers.
  • Dive deep with insightful analytics.

Transportation Providers

Whether your fleet comprises 3 or 3000 vehicles, we have the tech to enhance your operations.

  • Boost your rides-per-hour capacity.
  • Book rides seamlessly, even for same-day and real-time requests.
  • Ensure ADA mobility for every rider.
  • Deploy optimal vehicle schedules and optimize routes.
  • Automate claim submissions and management.
  • Compliance and real-time reporting and data analytics.

Our brands. Technologies that bring the patient in with a smile.

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Transforming Patient Transit

Streamlined, Optimized, Personalized

Experience the revolution in patient transportation with our comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower healthcare providers and transport agencies alike. We blend innovative technologies with a deep understanding of unique patient needs, crafting personalized transportation benefits and delivering unparalleled efficiency in scheduling and route optimization.



on time performance

Eradicate tedious manual ride bookings and enhance patient experience with timely pickups and drop-offs



improvement in no-shows

Respond to patients’ needs for transit even on the same day, reducing dramatically the number of missed appointments

Discover how Transit Technologies can transform your business.

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