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Keep transit safe, efficient, and inviting in every part of your agency or business. Simplicity becomes part of your DNA.

For riders

Rider autonomy that prioritizes convenience and safety

Empower your riders through the autonomy of seamless trip booking and planning, reminders, contactless boarding and ticketing, electronic payments, and real-time updates for arriving vehicles. And when safety is a priority, real-time passenger monitoring and  notifications give everyone peace of mind.

Young lady riding a public city bus
Woman bus driver wearing a safety vest standing outside in front of her bus.

For drivers

Empowering drivers, enhancing the passenger experience

Through our advanced solutions, drivers gain access to intuitive navigation tools, automated dispatching, digital pre-and post-trip inspections, real-time passenger updates and counting,  comprehensive vehicle analytics, and much more. This powerful combination empowers drivers to perform more efficiently, while also delivering enhanced service quality and safety. The end result? Smoother operations, happier drivers, and outstanding passenger experiences.


Optimizing vehicle longevity and operational performance

Maintaining a continuously operational fleet is paramount in your line of business. Our solutions provide fleet inventory management, integrated vehicle parts ordering and tracking, smart fuel management and camera solutions. This helps you reduce vehicle down time, build cost-efficiency, ensure fleet longevity and fraud protection.

A mechanic pouring oil into a car oil tube.
Two women working in a call center, looking at their computers while talking on their headsets.


Taking Transit operations to the next level

Leverage our solutions to manage route planning and optimization, scheduling and dispatch, vehicle maintenance, and driver and passenger assistance. Add robust data management and reporting - this is what digital efficiency is all about.


Empowering technicians for optimal operations

Transit Technologies stands out in the mobility landscape through innovation, expertise, and a unique client-first focus. With our AI-driven technology, we are reshaping the public, health, and specialty mobility solutions. Our track record as a trusted partner for over 2000 global organizations makes us a leader in transforming transportation.

Two vehicle mechanics standing and inspecting a car on a lift.

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