Transit solutions for fleet and vehicle maintenance

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For Riders

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For Drivers

Less breakdowns, more driving.

Drivers can quickly perform digital pre-and post-inspection, ensuring the vehicle is in order and reducing the need for unnecessary documentation.

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For Vehicles

Efficient operations require effective vehicle maintenance.

From initial vehicle acquisition planning to final disposal, our solution offers a comprehensive fleet asset management with key features like:

  • Equipment warranty tracking
  • Preventive maintenance per asset
  • Lifecycle tracking
  • Management of decommissioned assets
  • Tire tracking
  • Parent/child asset management
  • Tracking of scheduled actions
  • Complete history view of maintenance, repair, and fuel expenses
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For Operations

Organized and data-driven way to manage teams, assets, and processes.

Gain full visibility into your fleet maintenance processes and activities throughout the full vehicle lifecycle.

  • Perform and track physical inventory.
  • Maintenance and labor tracking based on work order process flow.
  • View real time work in progress for both direct and indirect labor.
  • Support MotorPool and Lockbox services.
  • Track fuel-related data and costs and a lot more.
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For Technicians

Streamline parts management and inventory control.

Comprehensive parts management, with features such as detailed tracking of all parts activities and a complete audit trail. Optimized inventory control with features like automated reorder lists, a perpetual inventory method for real-time snapshots, and FIFO or average cost pricing options. Additional features include:

  • Cross-referencing vendor numbers or finding substitutes for parts.
  • Tracking of all part-related charges.
  • Visual aids like part images and barcoded labels for easy identification.
  • Integration with multiple telematics and part vendors partners.
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