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Transforming transit systems to deliver mobility when needed and however it's needed. The passenger way.

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For Riders

Transportation your way. All the way.

Pairing the rider with closest vehicle that meets their criteria and direction. Book trips via a mobile app or the phone. Choose multiple travel options and combinations, including:

  • Fixed route, train, taxi, on-demand.
  • Real-time GPS tracking of the vehicle.
  • Trip alerts and reminders.
  • Digital payments and more.
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For Drivers

Scheduling rides with the driver in mind.

Alert drivers in real-time to route changes and new passenger stops.

  • Turn-by-turn directions.
  • Digital payment options.
  • Live GPS tracking.
  • Driver breaks planning.
  • In-app driver-to-passenger communication.
  • Integration with fixed route solutions and more.
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For Vehicles

Optimize fleet availability and accessibility.

Manage vehicle availability and capacity, maintain vehicle maintenance history, get real-time vehicle maintenance alerts, maintenance progress updates, on-board internet, real-time GPS tracking, and much more.

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For Operations

Real-time trip booking across all services.

Improve same day planning for customers with web and mobile booking.

  • Provide curb-to-curb, corner-to-corner, or stop-to-stop service.
  • Solve first-mile, last-mile delivery by filling gaps between other transit modes.
  • Enhance rider convenience with real-time location, time, and vehicle information and driver communication.
  • Integrate payments and booking into one app.
  • Design local and regional Transit Hubs.
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For Technicians

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