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Make fixed route services faster, more frequent, and more reliable. With the right technology, it's truly possible.

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For Riders

Never ask "where's the bus" again.

Enable passengers to easily select destinations, have full visibility and control over route planning, get real-time travel updates, GPS vehicle tracking to ensure safety and transfer options, and digital ticketing.

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For Drivers

Optimize driver time and reduce admin paperwork.

An integrated combination of software and hardware systems bolsters fixed-route drivers with seamless communication, real-time tracking, and control over onboard devices. Key features include:

  • On-time alerts.
  • GPS reporting.
  • Emergency notifications.
  • Electronic ticketing.
  • Detour rerouting.
  • Headway spacing.
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For Vehicles

Increased availability and predictive maintenance.

Decrease emissions to meet state and federal requirements. Never keep your vehicles in the shop unnecessary with preventative maintenance and green/yellow/red status alerts.

  • Advanced lifecycle vehicle tracking and a comprehensive 15-point replacement system.
  • Integrated pre-and post-trip inspection and reporting.
  • Equipment warranty tracking from initial claim through receipt of reimbursement.
  • Predictive maintenance alerts, equipment warranty tracking, and organized scheduling of parts.
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For Operations

Mobility is the ultimate engine of equity.

Bring convenience and affordability to passengers with automated CAD/AVL systems for driver assignments, tracking, and reporting. Strategically plan cost-effective and inclusive routes while ensuring seamless integration of fixed route systems with paratransit and NEMT services. Provide riders with:

  • Real-time arrival and departure information.
  • Automated voice announcements and LED signs.
  • On-board Wi-FI and safety cameras.
  • Digital and mobile payments.
  • Automated passenger counting.
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For Technicians

Reduce scheduled maintenance that artificially reduces utilization.

AI-based software alerts technicians only when a vehicle truly needs maintenance and support.

  • Gain comprehensive insights into fleet health, ensuring punctual route schedules and efficient operations.
  • Enhance safety with predictive maintenance, minimizing breakdowns and protecting both drivers and riders.
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